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Dispatches from the 
not-so-fancy card-table studio of
Fun is a Necessity
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Alexandra Muck
Hi! I'm Alex.
I'm the Vermont-based letterer, illustrator, and paper crafter behind
Fun is a Necessity.
I'm so glad you're here!

An Artist's Statement: ​

I love to make things. ​And I love helping others do the same. 

The first thing I ever remember teaching anyone was in kindergarten. I created a flower drawing workbook, complete with dotted lines and a hand-stapled spine, for a friend of mine who was sad she couldn't draw my style of flowers. ​I showed her how I drew mine, and she ended up teaching me how to draw hers! 

I also remember my first art critique, also from kindergarten. I was drawing with the boys, who always drew trucks, and one of them tried to insist that my truck looked more like a train. I was sad and kind of annoyed until this kid, Ben, told the others that it looked plenty like a truck, and to leave me alone. Now, I'm no artistic damsel in distress, but that moment did teach me the importance of encouragement and the potential detriments of jerky comments cloaked in the guise of constructive criticism.  

My goal is to be other people's Ben - a creative encourager and generally nice person who helps quiet the voices of self-doubt and cynicism that art so often brings up.

This intersection between art, paper crafts, and education has been following me around for years now. I've always loved comics and graphic novels, and truly admire the illustrations and surface patterns I see on everything from cards to clothing. 

Learning to trust my creativity has been an ongoing and fascinating process. After years of sharing my work with family and friends, and making excuses when they encourage me to share it with others, I've finally taken the leap. I'm sharing what I can, hoping to bring some bonus joy to the world, and to help people indulge their curiosity, experience wonder, and forge deeper connections with themselves and the marvels of existence. 

With care and gratitude, ​


If you're interested in purchasing a design,  collaborating with me on a creative project, or scheduling an event, please fill out the form, and I'll be in touch!
I want to...

Thanks so much! We'll be in touch! 

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