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Business Supplies

General Things I've Found Helpful 

  1. Square. Full honesty, I chose between square and PayPal on a lark, and because most places I read stated that Square tended to be the less expensive payment processing option for smaller businesses. Their sign up was also super intuitive, and they send you a card-reader fairly quickly, and for free. If you sign up at the link, you get $1000 of free processing and I think I also get something? I honestly can't remember at this precise moment. Sign up however you want. Use someone else's link. Accept nothing but cash. I'm not your mom. Do what makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

  2. Northwest Registered Agent. I was a ball of fear about forming an LLC to contain my business. I just kind of assumed the VT Secretary of State business formation people would probably smite me from on high  for having the gall to try to do fun things and be paid to do them. This is not the thing that happened. Setting up businessy stuff in Vermont is reasonably easy, but I paid Northwest $40 to deal with it for me. And those bucks were well spent. 

  3. Accountant finding strategy. This is a wonderful and helpful blog post, because if you are totally a newb and don't have an accountant yet, you might not know how people go about getting them. You can ask friends and family, and this article really gets into the key pieces of how to go about interviewing the person who will become a huge part of your financial dream team. 

  4. Your local small business administration office. Just google it. I was able to access literally free small business advising through the state of Vermont, and I can confidently say that Brian is a gift and a half. He convinced me that yes, mere mortals start businesses all the time, and that no one was going to smite me from on high, probably. He also helped a ton with financial research and projections and with business plan writing and with generally alleviating the sense that I have no clue what the heck I'm doing. Because I started to learnnnnnn thingsssss from working with him. Gasp. 

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