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Hi, I'm Alex.

I do a lot of different things. 

If you're here to learn about Gateless Writing Coaching, and how to build a writing practice that feels empowering, exciting, and sustainable, click here. 

If you're here to learn about me as a human and the bazillion projects I have going at any given time, click here.

If you want to read (or listen to) my extended thoughts on everything from the education system to romantic inexperience, click here. 

If you ever need a calm, kind, space where no one is going to ask you for anything, click here. 
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What's my mission, you ask? I'm here to help people: 

  • Feel more competent, more cared for, and better understood.

  • Learn things that they find meaningful and valuable.

  • Solve interesting problems, and lead exciting lives. 


Here's how I'm doing that now.

I hope you have a great day, or if it isn't so great, I hope that it improves soon!

Photographic evidence of amusement. 

Fun is a Necessity Logo.png
Things I've done and organizations I've worked with the might make you trust and like me. 

Or not. Like, that's sometimes how it goes. And that's chill. 

I'm letting this list be a little messy. That's okay. 

February 2019, AEROx Online Conference, Attendee

February 2019, Vermont Learning for the Future Winter Summit, Attendee

Bundle, Storyteller, Art Teacher, Swing Dance Instructor

Addison Central Teens (The Middlebury Teen Center)

Arts So Wonderful Art Show Vendor 

Middlebury College, super smart graduate, Moth, Swing dance instructor, arts and crafts room manager, and curriculum consultant

Generation Teach


DC school. 

American Canoe Association L4 instructor

World Class Academy (Traveling Whitewater Kayaking High School - for real...)

New River Academy (Traveling Whitewater Kayaking High School)

Knoch Middle and High School

Holy Sepulcher Catholic Elementary School 


Alamanac for Bob Sullivan's class

Open mic at Breadloaf, at Lamp Shop, at the translator's conference.

Zig Zag Lit Mag. 


Short Bio. 

Alex Muck is a writing coach and teaching artist whose work centers on community care for creators. 

She believes that everyone is creative, art is a learnable skill, and fun is a necessity. 

Plainly put? Alex likes words, making things, and the people who like those things. She loves encouraging and accompanying those people throughout their lives. 

She's pretty convinced that the presence of suffering in the world is some sort of dire cosmic misunderstanding. To her, the idea that things have to be bad in order for us to notice when things are good seems like B.S. (But if it's B.S. that makes you feel better she doesn't want to take that from you—you go Glen Coco.)  Example: We don't have to eat rancid desserts to know we like good ones. The Necessary Novelty Contrast can just be between different sorts of good feelings and flavors, rather than contrast with painful/horrific ones. 

She does her best to provide some of those novel good feelings through her work and through near-reckless acts of kindness, gratitude, and generosity. 

She aims to be the good-weird part of people's day. 

She aims to bring the hot dude energy she wishes to see in the world, so she is on an ongoing quest for the best short swoopy haircut, and is learning to skate and play guitar. One day she wants to be able to do the splits, a handstand, and a pull up or two. 

Also one day she wants to wear a ridiculous princess dress. For contrast. Just for a few hours. What can she say—there wasn't a prom at Whitewater Kayaking High School and her feminine aesthetic conditioning demands satisfaction. 

Finally, she really likes food. Especially good bread with cold butter, and fried, salted potatoes in all their glorious forms. And smooth dark chocolate. And so many other things from fast food and fake nacho cheese, to fresh strawberries and tasting menus. 

Ideal Clients:

Pun-loving fun-lovers who value time and teaching to the front, please. Also, people who aspire to fun, but could use a little help re-learning how to play. 

Brain Food. 


These are some of my favorite talks/videos/speeches. I hope you enjoy them and learn something new! 

Definitely send me your own favorites as well, or any thoughts on these you'd like to discuss! 

You made it to the bottom! Woo!

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