Hi, I'm Alex.

Here is a photo of my face that is well lit and nice looking to tell you I'm friendly and credible. See that smile and the subtle eye make up? That shows you I'm feminine and put together. There's art in the background so you know I'm a creative person.
Marketing is crazy stuff. 

What's my mission, you ask? I'm here to help people: 

  • Feel more competent, more cared for, and better understood.

  • Learn things that they find meaningful and valuable.

  • Solve interesting problems, and lead exciting lives. 


Here's how I'm doing that now.

I hope you have a great day, or if it isn't so great, I hope that it improves soon!

Photographic evidence of amusement. 

Things I've done and organizations I've worked with the might make you trust and like me. 

Or not. Like, that's sometimes how it goes. And that's chill. 

I'm letting this list be a little messy. That's okay. 

February 2019, AEROx Online Conference, Attendee

February 2019, Vermont Learning for the Future Winter Summit, Attendee

Bundle, Storyteller, Art Teacher, Swing Dance Instructor

Addison Central Teens (The Middlebury Teen Center)

Arts So Wonderful Art Show Vendor 

Middlebury College, super smart graduate, Swing dance instructor, arts and crafts room manager, and curriculum consultant

Generation Teach


DC school. 

American Canoe Association L4 instructor

World Class Academy (Traveling Whitewater Kayaking High School - for real...)

New River Academy (Traveling Whitewater Kayaking High School)

Knoch Middle and High School

Holy Sepulcher Catholic Elementary School 

Recently Published.


Below you'll find some recent-ish writing of mine (and here you'll find even more), featuring thoughts and stories tangentially related to everything from technology to teaching to tarantulas. Opinions recorded therein were held with conviction at the time of writing and are subject to change on a whim. 

Brain Food. 


These are some of my favorite talks/videos/speeches. I hope you enjoy them and learn something new! 

Definitely send me your own favorites as well, or any thoughts on these you'd like to discuss! 

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