Writing doesn't have to be so hard. 
Let's reclaim writing from red pens and remember that
Fun is a Necessity.

Writing Parties. 

Let's have some. 

You're invited.

Parties can be overstimulating and intimidating. 

Writing can be a bastion of self-criticism and angsty keyboard-forehead-smashing. 

Snacks are nice, though. 

So are friends. 

So are compliments. 

Let's combine all the good things and make the challenging things fun.


And ohhhhh they can be fun. 

Hi! I'm Alex.
I'm the Vermont-based Gateless Writing-Snack-Maker and Writing-Party-Hoster behind
Fun is a Necessity.
Whether you're new and nervous, or an established word wizard looking for inspiration,
I'm so glad you're here!

My Writing Story

Writing started with letters. Capital block letters. Written alongside my mom. I convinced her to teach me how to write my name in cursive early. My mom was told by my second grade teacher that I made my o's backwards and a classmate informed me that I wasn't making my cursive x's properly. Well hugs and kisses to them—there began my role as a very mild, often unintentional rebel who just really didn't think stupid things like the direction you draw a circular letter should be that important. 

I studied literature in college, and linguistics, and Spanish, and Secondary English Education. I was on track to becoming a middle school English teacher. But in order for my soul to not die, I had to either learn to like coercing vibrant young people into doing the teenaged equivalents of drawing o's properly, or I had to... not become a traditional English teacher. 

You can see which option I opted for. 

I adore words. Freakin' adore them. And I am an equal opportunity word lover. I love the high brow eloquence of sequipedalian expressions and gregarious people who speak with deep enthusiasm about topics of marvelous erudition. I also have a deep and passionate love of the f-word, and will expound about that passion at length to anyone would would like to challenge me (or co-fangirl with me) about it's magnificence. In short--it can be nearly any f-ing part of speech and can be used to express everything from joy to grief to lust, anything from deep silliness to clench-jawed rage. 

I love versatility. Both/and is my life motto. I'm not a huge fan of either/ors. 

So I don't buy that you can either choose to be a good writer, or to be happy and get enough sleep. I'd like both. 

I don't buy that good writing has to mean that either you turn in something bad, or you have to kill your darlings and throw out your favorite bits in the editing process. 

I'm about joy. I'm about trust. I'm about love. I'm about silliness. I'm about throwing shit at the wall and seeing if it sticks. (Not literally.) I'm about compliments. I try to be about telling people what I'm for, rather than what I'm against. I try to focus on possibilities rather than shortfalls. Whenever possible, I emphasize power and strength rather than pointing out failures and weaknesses. I think that red pen should be used to point out the good. That tests, if they must be graded (and that's extremely debatable) should emphasize how many people got right. 

I want to be helpful. I want to be useful. I want to make people's lives less stressful and more full of joy. I want to help people feel less alone in their writing practice, but also in their broader lives. 

You're important. You're loved. You're a writer. 

Thanks for reading my story. 

With care and gratitude, 


If you're accepting a writing party invitation, looking to host your own, want to seek out coaching, or just want to say hi,
You're in the right place! 
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