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Illustration, Cardmaking, Knitting, oh my! 

I have been artsing and craftsing for as long as I've been able to hold a pencil.  These days, I'm working on lettering and illustration, which has been super fun. I was one of those people who didn't think I could draw. Turns out it's a learnable skill. Who knew?! One of my favorite artsy activities is making cards, especially thank you cards. 

Hobby | 02

You Can [Swing] Dance ​If You Wanna

You can leave your friends behind. Because your friends don't dance, well maybe you don't dance, but you can be a friend of mine! 

I've been swing dancing for over five years now, and it's still one of the most worthwhile investments I've made in learning a skill. Great fun, great people, great exercise. 

I've been teaching swing dance for years now, and love introducing beginners to dance, even--nay, especially!--those who insist that they have no rhythm and two left feet. 

Hobby | 03

Rocks, Water, Tiny Plastic Boats, and Outdoor ADVENTURE!

I have been whitewater kayaking since I was in middle school, and exploring the outdoors since I was small enough for my dad to strap me into a backpack or onto a kiddie bike seat. 

Now, I am an American Canoe Association certified L4 Whitewater Kayaking Instructor, and an avid wilderness walker. 

I love introducing people to paddling, making them feel comfortable with a sport that can be far more gentle and relaxing than the extreme sports PR photos might lead one to believe. 

I also enjoy finding new trails, searching for geocaches, and sharing the joys of both of those things with others. 

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