Mental Enrichment

  1. Read 1000 books (I'm at 200+ right now, tracked using Zotero)

  2. Write a Statement of Personal Ethics

    1. Write an action plan of how to live up to it

    2. Follow that plan



  1. Win a teacher/educator/staff member of the year award, preferably one determined by student's input. 

  2. Work at a school with no grades

  3. Work at a school with no mandatory classes

  4. Work at a school where kids make the rules

  5. Incorporate mindfulness into my role as an educator

  6. Be a part of a healthy relationships/sexuality education initiative, and make it way better than what I experienced as a young person. 


  1. List all my possessions

  2. Try living in a tiny house for two weeks

  3. Become entirely financially self sufficient

  4. "Retire" by age 40

  5. Make a $1000 donation to World Builders

  6. Buy a dwelling without debt

  7. Build a tiny house

  8. Know how all my house systems work and how to fix basic problems

  9. Make $100,000 in one year in a way that is consistent with my values 

  10. Have a Sabbath day once a week that is free from mandatory work


  1. Go to Vigo, Potes, Madrid, Spain (Arenal’s Life travels) 

  2. Couch Surf at 5 friends' homes

    1. Aaron- Spring 2016

  3. Get a job in another country 

  4. Dance in 15 cities

    1. Burlington

    2. Pittsburgh

    3. Boston

    4. Asheville

    5. Middlebury

    6. DC

    7. Providence

    8. Youngstown

  5. Visit all 50 states (progress)



  1. Print two self designed shirts

    1. Not opposed

    2. August’s skulls

  2. Learn to silk screen print a shirt

  3. Sell a painting

  4. Sell a commissioned painting

  5. Sell a card

  6. Sell 5 cards

  7. Sell 12 cards

  8. Finish translation

  9. Publish translation

  10. Create a blog with 100 subscribers

  11. Sell an Illustration

  12. Start a podcast

  13. Publish a book

  14. Give a TED talk (About unconventional approaches to education?)

  15. Try blacksmithing

  16. Try glassblowing


  1. Complete systematic workouts for…

    1. 14 days in a row {COMPLETED: 5/10}

    2. 30 days in a row

    3. 90 days in a row

    4. A year in a row with 52 days off

  2. Hold an unsupported handstand for 5 seconds

  3. Do crow for 5 seconds

  4. Do crow for 15 seconds
  5. Do 25 good pushups at a stretch

  6. 50

  7. 75

  8. 100

  9. Be able to do the ninja jump up thing

Food Goalz

  1. Harvest a whole salad from my own garden

    1. Cukes

    2. Carrots

    3. Romaine 

  2. Make really good pickles from my own garden

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