Here are some things I'm up to: ​

  1. Building The Do-Good Death Star with Wendell Britt, personal development wizard, game master extraordinaire, highly intelligent embodiment of the color blue. 

  2. Celebrating my recent anniversary as a Gateless Writing Teacher. 

  3. Skiing letters and drawings into snowy fields, sometimes with the accompaniment of Rachel Aurora Nelson. Captured in pixels by the extraordinary Caleb Kenna. 

  4. Enjoying ongoing delight while hosting online programming with Young Writers Project. I could not be more thrilled to host monthly salons and support the over 4,500 writers that utilize the site! If you're interested in being a badass patron for youth interested in the arts, contact Susan! Fund additional salons, or other projects for them. She's an incredible person to work with, and so are the kids! Also, my co-teacher, Reuben Jackson is an incredible poet, artist teacher, and friend. I am utterly blessed to get to share the zoom room with him once a month. 

  5. Speaking of the kids! I was interviewed on one of my students' podcasts! Iris released the episode October! This was my first podcast appearance, and I am especially delighted to have gotten to learn a new process from one of the incredible young writers I met through YWP. I'm beyond down to be a guest on some more podcasts; please be in touch if we seem to be on a similar vibe and you wanna talk! 

  6.  Speaking of appearances, I got to present at the 2021 Alternative Education Resource Organization AEROx Conference! It was a total joy, and you can access a replay of the talk here

I leave you with a large, loving internet hug, if you'd like it. 


- Alex 

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers' /now page.

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