I'm currently excited about:

  1. Being back in Vermont after an exciting summer of learning and growth at Bread Loaf in Santa Fe and at Gateless Writing Teacher Training in Connecticut. 

  2. Helping out at a local Teen Center—I'm loving being in an environment where I can learn from and serve young people without all the schoolish nonsense of traditional teaching. 

  3. Working at a grocery store—I had no idea how much joy it would bring me to have such a simple, calming, service-oriented job. I get to help make busy people's lives easier by shopping their orders. And that means walking around the store. And smiling at people. And being around food. And all of that is absolutely a joy to me. And sometimes, there are snacks in the break room. And I like my coworkers. 10/10 if you're considering taking a lower stress job for a bit, or for keeps, and other people look at you a little funny, try it anyway. I'm so much happier than I've been in a minute and am learning a ton. It takes a ridiculous quantity of people and a ridiculous amount of attention to detail to make the miracles that are modern grocery stores run safely and smoothly. Also, our workforce is way more diverse than you're going to find in academia, and that's so freakin' refreshing to be in a place that walks the walk of making pretty darn meaningful work accessible. And while I know to a certain extent that it's a publicity thing, our company hosted a group that walked in the VT Pride Parade, and ya know what, it makes me happy. It makes me happy that being supportive of LGBT+ people is starting to be seen as a positive publicity stunt, and that I work for a company that chooses to make that particular move. 

  4. Writing, lettering, painting and drawing. It's still a grand source of joy, and I may have an exhibition coming up in October! Should know for sure by next week. If you're curious about what I've been making, assorted photos are posted here.

  5. Writing Morning Pages and going on Artist's Dates a la The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. Even if you're not sure you're an artist (you probably are in some way), if you like being creative, that book and the suggestions within it are amazing. 

  6. Attending Sarah Bryden's magnificent (and free!) Wednesday lecture series, entitled "Getting Real in Unreal Times." There are talks on everything from gender, hope, wilderness, sexuality, and the drawbacks of "new age spiritual whitewashing." She covers an immense amount of ground with sincerity, integrity, and deep discernment, and she offers fascinating insights. There are even beautiful miniature qi gong practices after each talk. 150% recommend that you join if any of that calls to you even a tiny bit!

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers' /now page.

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