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Here are three things I'm up to: ​

  1. Heading to the UK to live on a Narrowboat! (Think: Hot-dog shaped houseboat). Ask me for updates. The process has been super interesting and relatively mellow so far—I'm grateful and looking forward to this new chapter.

  2. Stepping back into creativity, community, and storytelling after having spent most of 2021 really sick. Had a case of the spicy sads. If you know, you know. 

  3. Loving people. Now that I'm finally feeling better, I have had so much more time and energy to do what I love to do most—making this world marginally less shitty through acts of gratitude, kindness, and play. Think: spontaneous baked goods, dancing, declaring made-up holidays and then giving people gifts on them, playing outside, buying cashiers their favorite candies, learning new things with people I love, asking for the manager so I can give glowing customer service reviews, making and sending physical thank you cards and gifts, and asking people how they are and staying to hear their answers.  

Big thanks to everyone who reached out last year or was patient with my silence. Both things are and were invaluable. 

I leave you with a large, loving internet hug, if you'd like it. 


- Alex 

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers' /now page.

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