I'm currently excited about:

  1. Gateless Writing! I'll be hosting a salon for educational gamechangers soon, a place of rest for people who are doing the often thank-thin work of making schools and learning more marvelous and humane.  

  2. Developing new online programming with Young Writers Project. I could not be more thrilled to host some salons and support the over 4,500 writers that utilize the site! 

  3. Writing Morning Pages a la The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I've gotten much more consistent, now I need to remember to go on my Artist's Dates! Even if you're not sure you're an artist (you probably are in some way), if you like being creative, that book and the suggestions within it might be helpful to you! 

  4. Spring with patience. For me, that means continuing to learn to rest before my well runs dry.

  5. My word for the year is "Deeper." Exploring the things I currently do and own, and trying to uncover new levels of commitment or curiosity, are so essential. 

It also feels important to acknowledge the current grand adventure afoot. Like any grand adventure, it is full of peril. But also like any grand adventure, it's full of new experiences. Uniquely, this one, though, requires lots of handwashing and a tolerance for not being hugged. 

So I leave you with a huge, huge, huge internet hug, if you'd like it. 

Love you. Take care of you. Proud of you. 

- Alex 

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers' /now page.

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