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A Half-Dozen Truly Delightful Artists.

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

My dears,

I've written to you before about my somewhat aversive relationship with social media. I got on Instagram earlier this spring, and it has been SO. MUCH. FUN. Genuinely. It's actually putting more into my life, rather than just draining my attention span. If that changes, it'll get axed, just like Facebook did, but for now, it's a technological relationship I'm enjoying.

*Update as of 12/2/2019: It got axed. I deleted my account because I was spending too much time consuming, and not enough producing. If I could have posted from my desktop, I might have kept it, but since I could only post through my phone, and I hate typing on my phone, bu-bye Instagram. Also, IG and I have some values conflicts regarding the ethical implications of surveillance capitalism. You know. I like to keep things light, here.

But no more preamble. Here are the delights, should you wish to partake! The links should still be able to show you some great art, even if you don't have an account.

  1. Mari Andrew - Relatable, poetic, delightfully simple illustrations and lettering. Never fails to elicit an oh-my-gosh-she-gets-it moment.

  2. Charlie Mackesy - Stunningly gorgeous, lovingly insightful art, primarily in black and white. Lately he's been creating this lovely book full of simple animal characters that is one of the loveliest things I've ever gotten to follow along with.

  3. shing yin khor - Deeply quirky and truly wonderful multimedia artist. Creator of comics, creatures, and other charming characters.

  4. Autumn Chiu - Hauntingly beautiful watercolor pieces. Also, though I don't know Autumn personally, she's from super near my hometown in Pittsburgh, PA! :D

  5. Ruby Elliot - Another snarky and delightful artist that never fails to make me laugh with her absurd, relatable, observational sense of humor.

  6. zeppelinmoon - A snarky and delightful artist named Amber from the UK who creates blasphemously poetic watercolor animal drawings.

  7. Lori Heteen - A late-in-the-game addition as of 12/2/19 that renders this post's title roguishly inaccurate, Lori makes AWESOME THOUGHTFUL STUFF. And I love her. You should go appreciate her work. She makes poetically handlettered creations with marvelous observations about life and nature and faith, without making you feel like you stumbled down the wrong aisle in a Christian gift shop and are now covered in overused biblical quotations whose echoes you will never get out of your life no matter how many times you scrub them with your Tide To-Go pen or shoe them away like overly chummy pigeons. I have feelings about religion and writing. I like it profound and subtle, personally. Your mileage may vary.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the art of these lovely humans.

With care and gratitude,



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