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In Praise of Epiphany-Inducing Words

I am delighted by words that make sense, especially when I take their sense-making for granted until a moment of epiphany, when it's like, "Ohhhhhh. That's why it's called that."

Here are a few potentially epiphany-inducing words for you. You're welcome.

Bottom line.

As in: The final line of a calculation is where you sum everything up.


As in: Pea-nuts are like peas but have nuts instead of bean-ish bits inside an outer shell.


As in: You break the fast you held during the night by not eating food while sleeping.


I also enjoy clever alternative names for things.

Trash panda?


Danger noodle?


Fart Squirrel?


Do I know the originator of these names? No I do not. Such information is potentially lost to the internet. But whoever you are, I appreciate you.


Do you have any epiphany-inducing words or alternate names you particularly enjoy? Put them in the comments!

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