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Translating The Woman of the Future

La mujer del porvenir [The Woman of the Future] by Concepción Arenal is a book that was originally published in 1869 in Spain. It makes a powerful, prescient, and surprisingly witty case for women's rights in a country known for having issues with machismo.  Arenal was a pioneering Spanish feminist who made written contributions to sociology, political science, and legal philosophy. She also lead initiatives for poverty alleviation, education access, affordable housing, and prison reform. We still struggle with today with so many of the sings she cared about. I read the original in Spanish, and  wanted to read a translation in English, but the book has never been translated. I decided I would do it myself! It's been a wonderful journey so far, and I am currently looking for a publisher who will help me share her words with the English-speaking world. 


Read more (link) about this project. 

Read (link) a sample of the translation. 

Project | 02

Operation: You Are Not Stupid. You Are Enough.

School worked out alright for me. Fortunately, teachers told me to do things I was interested in doing, things I was willing to do, things I was able to do. This is not always the case. Kids who aren't interested, who won't, or who can't "do school" get labeled stupid or problematic, and can be punished and ostracized. Some of my family members and friends have experienced this. They didn't match with what school wanted them to do and be. They have brilliant minds and much to contribute. Luckily, they are resilient, and have found support for their growth and learning elsewhere, or from school staff who saw their potential.


But some kids believe what they are told, and don't get to have the same "I overcame the haters" success stories. My work in education is dedicated to them. No one should have to waste 12 years of their life mandatorily doing questionably useful worksheets and activities while being told that they are useless. And that is what our country often requires. Luckily, there are alternatives. I've found them, they work, and I want to tell you about them. 

Read more here (link). 

Project | 03

A Storytelling Project. 

I've spent a lot of my life shifting from subculture to subculture, never quite finding my niche, but finding a lot of places with great, odd, passionate people. I've spent a lot of my life "thinking about thinking" as my mom often puts it, noticing random shit and coming up with improbably connections between things like pine cones and effectively orchestrated dinner dates. The only writer I've yet found who has made an enduring name for himself with this sort of random observation, meditation, and explanation is Montaigne. And so the title of this project, complete with a pretentious number of vowels, is a bite of his pretentiously long full name. The man wrote essays. My my high school English teachers would sometimes quaintly remind me that essay means "to try" or "to attempt." Aldous Huxley asserted that, "the essay is a literary device for saying almost everything about almost anything." These two assertions pretty much explain my approach to writing. Currently, this project is housed in a prodigious stack of journals, an evernote note, a 80,000+ word document, dozens upon dozens of blog posts, and an essay published in Translingual, a Middlebury College literary magazine. 

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