Self-Directed Education Resources

This page is a work in progress (contact me with any additions/suggestions), and includes of some of my personal favorite resources regarding non-coercive, student-driven education. 

What is Self-Directed Education?

This is my current favorite explanation.

Why does SDE matter? 

It fosters a world 

What if we trusted you? is my current favorite talk on these subjects. 

Life Enriching Education is one of my favorite books (and it's short) on these subjects. It's good to read for hope and for concrete actions and for communication skills. 

Dumbing is Down is another of my favorite books (and it's short also) on these subjects. Read it when you need to stoke fire in your belly regarding the importance of non-coercive education. 

North Star- re: places where self directed education can happen, but not just within a family, in a context with other youth and adults. 

LiHigh School in Poultney, VT. - Re: special ed and democratic/unconventional/uncoerced ed. 

Akilah S. Richards - re: accessibility of self-directed ed to people from all cultures and walks of life, not just wealthy white people. 

Grip Tape Learning Challenge - resource for students with passions but without funding that could use small grants to get to do some learning mostly on their own. 

Alliance for Self-Directed Education - great info and conversation hub, compiling a huge resource page. 

AERO - features an awesome school mapping feature where you can see a gigantic pile of quirky institutions and where they're at. 

The Circle School - and its book


Hudson Valley Sudbury School

More articles and videos here


I hope this is helpful! Please feel free to forward to any other educators who might be curious about this stuff! 

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