The Awesome List

A few things I love that might brighten your life:

  1. These pens. If you, like me, mourned the demise of the extra fine point sharpies with the nice plastic nips, have no fear, solutions are here. Also, these pens. Also, these brush pens. You may notice an art supply theme. Well done.*

  2. The work of Sarah Byrden - I first met Sarah at a workshop on Middlebury's Campus and have had the joy of training alongside her at the MogaDao Institute in Santa Fe, as well as learning from her as a student. 

  3. This treatise on pursuing dozens of rejections a year, on how it can be a goal and not a failure. Written for writers, but gorgeous in general. 

  4. Sarah Blondin's podcast/meditations - If you are ever in need of a more encouraging mental monologue,  *raises hand* Sarah might be able to help. She has produced dozens of beautiful, honest, poetic meditations that feel authentic and helpful. I originally found her work on Insight Timer, which is a great resource in general. 

  5. David Cain's thoughtful articles on Raptitude. Also, I attribute any consistency in my mindfulness practice to participating in his Camp Calm program. It's expanding, and he has a free basic course. Highly recommend. 

  6. John and Hank Green's curiosity, enthusiasm, kindness, and whimsy on Vlogbrothers.  

  7. Being able to organize everything from receipts to quotes and recipes in Evernote

  8. Visiting I Waste So Much Timea humor aggregator that never fails to make me laugh, or at least smile while exhaling slightly more forcefully. 

  9. Front Porch Forum. If you live in Vermont, the thing is amazing. I've found housing and multiple jobs thanks to that gloriously simple email list. 

  10. The Internet. 

  11. Food.

  12. Kind people.