I am translating a book. A really good book.

A really good book by a badass Spanish woman from the 1800s. 

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Illustration by Spanish Illustrator Isabel Ruiz Ruiz

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During her lifetime, Concepcion Arenal actively challenged religious, legal, and scientific authorities to advocate for women’s rights and promote social reform.


She was the first woman to attend university in Spain, and is commonly held to be a pioneer of Spanish feminism. She also chased a robber out of her uncle's house with a shotgun as a teenager. No big deal. 

This book of hers - one of many - is entitled La mujer del porvenir, or The Woman of the Future. It includes a witty note to the reader, followed by incisive arguments that systematically demolish any evidence for female "inferiority."


Many of Arenal's points are relevant to modern discussions of gender, feminism, and social justice. She provides an interesting perspective, drawing from devout catholicism and commitment to honoring traditional feminine strengths that anchor her firmly within her time, and from then-groundbreaking ideas about female dignity and potential that made her a voice that truly helped envision The Woman of the Future...

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