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In Praise of Wednesday Brunch

Updated: May 22, 2020

Audio of the following text, and description of the photo,

feat. the dulcet tones of my voice is available rightttttt here.

With no further ado...

In Praise of Wednesday Brunch

Written on May 19th, 2020,

with calm Excitement.

Wednesday is the sandwich-center day

Smushed between days of doing

and the hands that hold them.

Wednesday brunch is the world’s

Gentlest rebellion. A promise, bold,

sweet, and slow, that there is always

time for toast, And tea, And joy,

When we are brave—unfathomably

Brave enough to let ourselves

Sit in nourishment. Sit in peace.

Being with our bodies in the middle

of movement, we pick up our hearts,

And offer them a feast of brightness.

Praise be to Wednesday brunch, to

the river that carried Us here,

And to Gravity—who rolls the river

Downhill. I praise your courage.

Look at you—a living legend,

On a Wednesday.





Hi there!

If you're here, you may be joining (or maybe you already joined) in our June 3rd fundraiser in support of, and in partnership with Delta Mind Body Center in Sacramento, CA. If so, thank you! And welcome!

A big thanks to Alexis Cunningfolk, who I was introduced to through this amazing article about sliding scales and the process of creating ethical, sustainable pricing structures.

Through her awesome newsletter, Alexis introduced me to Madeleine of DMBC, who started teaching yoga online to help keep spirits high, and DMBC open during the pandemic. And this class brought me such deep delight, that I knew I wanted to support her work! I mean, who knew that the space between breaths has a name—Suspension! I'm such a sucker for learning new words, especially when said learning is combined with having kind lovely people remind me to pause and breathe and move my body gently. So her class? *chef's kiss* C'est magnifique! (Yes, I did need to look that up to make sure it meant what I thought it did. Success. :D)

I decided—Madeleine is my sort of people, and impulsively sent her an email to see if she might want to run a Gateless Writing fundraiser, full proceeds (minus a lovely gift of $15 to cover my Zoom fee for June) going to supporting DMBC! And WOO! She accepted. We also... might be mildly helping her celebrate her birthday, which is on a day close to the day of salon, and that is also deeply exciting to me.

To register, email:

To pay for your registration or make a donation:

Venmo: @madyoga-lohman

So looking forward to it! <3



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